A braised rabbit covered with an unctuous chocolate sauce with a touch of wine served on a thick mashed potatoes bed. A recipe of Catalan influence. This is a creation inspired by a Catalan dish called Conejo al chocolate, which means rabbit in chocolate. This version is slightly different than the traditional recipe from Catalonia, Spain. I know the Basques have there own version also, with brandy instead of wine. In Catalonia they use fortified wine called “Rancio” to make it, a bit similar to porto. To make this recipe easier to reproduce at home I’ve just used a normal wine, but a porto would do too. It makes the dish in the end a bit less sweet which personally I prefer. Rabbit recipes are great but often underrated because just like chicken breasts the meat is so lean… cooking it the wrong way will dry it out fast and ruin it. For this recipe, no worries, it is a…