Shiitake and broccoli ramen soup is so tasty and filled with vitamins, the broth is mainly a miso paste, a touch of ginger, garlic and a little chilli. The meaty shiitakes mushrooms are giving all their flavor to the broth, you won’t believe there isn’t meat in this soup. It’s so simple and tasty and easily done, a under 30 minutes recipe. Let’s talk umami, the fifth taste, which is not a clear one, most people don’t even know about it, yet they love it. For example, tomatoes, parmesan, red meat, fermented veggies and shiitake are filled with it. Umami is such a mysterious taste, not as easy to define as its colleagues; saltiness, sourness, sweetness and bitterness. The 5th taste is actually all around us, and especially in this recipe, it’s fully present. You won’t get closer to this flavor then with a shiitake ramen soup. Shiitakes are a great umami…