Beets-pistachio Pesto Kamut Fusilli can be surprising for some, but you should try it, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I’ve made this recipe with kamut fusilli, the ancestor of modern wheat, but also a filled with health benefits grain. Kamut is a whole grain, a great alternative for low-carb diet and diabetics. Although since brown pasta is not so appealing to the eye… we need to find a tasty way to make us forget about that color. That’s when the red beets pesto comes in the game! A healthy,tasty and colorful pesto that hides this less attractive brown pasta. I’m a big beets lover, but sadly there are often put aside because of their earthy flavor, but when used in combination with salty goat cheese and pistachios it balance out great the heavy earthy taste from the beetroot. Plus, Beets have that great ruby red color which make a great base for a romantic dinner, for you lovers…