Valentine’s Salad is a perfect starter for a romantic dinner, it’s an earthy and colourful salad with roasted beets, strawberries, Roquefort cheese, sunflower seeds and arugula topped with aged balsamic vinegar for a romance in style. If there is something I like about blogging recipes is to choose a name for my recipes. This one was a no-brainer… just had a quick look at it and it’s clearly a romantic-looking salad and Valentine’s day is coming up so ‘Valentine’s Salad’ seemed appropriate. Plating style Since we are all having different eating habits and different partners… I’ve done 2 plating designs for this salad, one really light and modern with the beets being cut into squares in a minimalist presentation with just a few arugula leaves. I’ve used balsamic cream to decorate the plate. The other version (see below) is a more everyday life salad, maybe a tad less aesthetic but filled with arugula…