The Rovello mushroom (red pine mushroom or saffron milk cap mushroom) I had to present to you the #1, the ultimate, the prestigious, the favorite mushroom from Catalonia, Spain; the famous Rovello mushroom. Called whether Red pine mushrooms or saffron milk cap in english those pinkish/brownish, earthy, meaty mushroom are simply irresistible! Catalans like to go by themselves in the woods to pick them up from september to novembre, it’s kind of a seasonal event. Although you can find them also at the market around Catalonia in the fall, with mountains of other types of mushrooms, but this one, the rovello, is their favorite. The mushrooms are abundant in northern Spain, in the red pines forest and the Basques and Catalans (both located north of Spain) are big fan of mushrooms, their gastronomy is filled with them, although, strangely in the rest of Spain, they are not so popular. Lucky for…