Traditional Spanish Romesco Sauce is more precisely a Catalan region sauce. It’s basically a nutty sauce with loads of roasted veggies that go with any grilled meat, fish, egg, or vegetable. It contains roasted tomatoes, garlic, hazelnut, almond, and red pepper with a touch of paprika. A healthy, sugar-free condiment for BBQ season! Spanish Romesco Sauce is a great substitute for Ketchup, mayo, and mustard because it’s a sensational sauce you can use pretty much everywhere and contains only vitamins and sun! Vivid orange Romesco sauce is low in sugar, preservatives, enhancers, salt, or artificial anything; this sauce is highly recommended for any BBQs where ketchup is not invited! Serve it with any meat, poultry, or even fries! Healthy never tasted better! Origin This Traditional Romesco Sauce originates from Tarragona, about an hour south of Barcelona, Spain. The chances are… if you visit and try any restaurant on the city outskirts,…