Catalan Romesco Sauce is a Spanish dip that goes with any grilled poultry, fish, egg or vegetable. Made of roasted tomatoes, garlic, hazelnut, almond and a red pepper with a touch of paprika. A perfect condiment for BBQ season! A Catalan ritual This nutty sauce originates from Tarragona, about an hour south of Barcelona, Spain. The chances are… if you visit and try any restaurant on the outskirts of the city you’ll end up with romesco sauce on your plate. It’s generally eaten with grilled meat, fish or veggies but also on their famous patatas bravas with some aioli. The Catalan rural houses often have a grilling spot in their backyard where in winter months they do Calçotadas. The equivalent of a Sunday brunch… Catalans have this ritual consisting in grilling these special long onions, called calçots. Usually, served with some barbecued meat and veggies while sipping on good wine all afternoon…