sea food


Marinera Mussels (Mejillones Marinera) is, usually, a typical dish in Spain. It simply combines 2 of the best things on earth: Pasta and Marinera Mussels cooked in sparkling wine. More precisely: Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine, but it could be replace by any type of sparkling wines. This touch makes the dish even more dreamy and bubbly! The natural sea broth coming out from the mussels flowing down the cava tomato sauce is disturbingly addictive. In Spain, there is a myth about: “should marinera sauce contain tomatoes or not?” I would say half does it with paprika and wine the other half with tomato and wine. Both ways are fine, I, personnaly, prefer with tomatoes especially since it’s served on pasta. The original marinera sauce use an onion, but I’ve changed it for simple fresh chives in the end of preparation. The chive gives a nice contrasting color to the dish and an extra spicy bite to it.…