sea food


Seafood Marinera Pasta al Cava is a delicious way to welcome summer with mussels cooked in a splash of sparkling white wine, garlic, tomato, thyme and parsley. Marinera Mussels (Mejillones Marinera) is a popular dish in Spain combined with Pasta which equals Seafood Marinera Pasta al Cava! Not to mistake with the Italian Marinara sauce, a tomato sauce. This dish is the Spanish cousin of Spaghetti allo Scoglio from Italy. However, the main difference is the Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine and paprika. This touch makes the dish even more dreamy and festive! The natural sea broth from the mussels flowing down the cava-tomato sauce is disturbingly addictive. Marinera with or without Paprika? In Spain, there is a fight about: “Should Marinera sauce contains tomato or not?” Half does it with paprika and wine, the other half with tomato and wine. Both ways are acceptable, and I personally don’t want to interfere, so…