Flamed Scallops Pasta are flamed in Grand-Marnier and then served on a bed of quinoa fusilli filled with slightly cooked bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, lime zest and fresh basil for a delightful summer night meal! Flamed Scallops Pasta is an excellent, simple dish made in no time. The sauce is mainly a little butter in which the scallops are seared before flaming and caramelizing with orange-flavoured cognac/brandy (Grand Marnier). Served on a simple quinoa pasta with juicy tomatoes, basil, pepper and lime zest. Where I come from, the east part of Canada, scallops are pretty standard on our plates. Although, since I’ve been living in Spain, it got pretty difficult to find any and when I finally did, they cost so much… So I go to the freezer shop… yes, only frozen stuff of all kinds, and I get my Patagonian mini scallops occasionally. Strange… that in Spain, a seafood lover country, it’s hard…