A Sous-Vide cooked Pork Tenderloin with Cherry Sauce brings the sun of Andalusia into your plate! A elegant yet powerful dish made with Cherry and Sherry! The magic in this Pork Tenderloin with Cherry Sauce dish is the sauce, a pure delight for the tastebuds. Sherry and cherry sounds similar but they are far from being similar in taste, the sherry is dry and the cherry sweet. Mixing those two together and you’ll get a divine combination. This is a recipe from the South of Spain, Andalusia, where the famous sherry is from. Andalusia Andalusia is a strong, bold and passionate place, just like it’s fortified wines and gastronomy. There are 4 main types of sherry, 2 mild ones; the Manzanilla and the Fino and 2 darker ones, richer and nuttier; the Amontillado and the Oloroso. The last one, Oloroso, is the richest of them all, and the one used in this…