Cauliflower have such delicate taste and texture, why not give it an edge and spice it up a bit. Last week, I saw that nice recipe cauliflower-paneer-kofta-curry on the exquisite “Curry trail” blog, and I felt inspired, only problem is the balls are fried and since I’m on an eternal diet… I should cut out the frying, so I did a simplification and healthier version. I’m not an “extra spicy” kind of person, I like it in moderation… So I used only 3 tbsp of Garam Masala spice (which is spicy), but it’s totally up to you, just add 2 more of those spoons of Garam Masala spice and you’ll get a rock n roll cauliflower! I saw other recipes and mix it to my taste, for exemple, I add a little green cardamom seeds, and a squeeze of lime at the end, it end up being a success. Also you can make…