Gravlax (Cured Salmon) is an exquisite and fragrant method for reacquainting yourself with salmon, essentially fish that has been cured. This makes it a superb choice for elevating a salad, pairing it with rye bread, or even savouring on its own as a sophisticated appetizer. Gravlax (Cured Salmon) is a Scandinavian fisherman’s way of making fatty fish since the Middle Ages. They hid the fish in sand on the beach and let it marinate/ferment for a few days. Nowadays, fermentation is omitted, and the fish can be cured from 12 to a few days. The Dry Marinade This dish is a plan-ahead one because it takes about 24 hours to marinate. I usually do it in 48 hours, changing the side of the fish midway. The longer it marinates, the firmer the meat will become and saltier. It’s alright to stop the marinating after 12 hours; you’ll get a softer-tasting…