An autumnal cocktail to warm up and keep it fun and fizz. Try this Spiced Apple Spritz with spiced rum, sparkling apple juice (or cider), cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. There are zillions of great summer cocktails, but not as many Fall ones. Let me introduce you to this lovely spiced-up cocktail called Spice Apple Spritz. It is ultra simple to prepare and easy to turn into a grown-up punch, too, with extra apple pieces. Rum Choice This recipe comes from a Jamaican descendant friend, so she recommended a mix of a white overproof Wray& Nephew and brown rum. For those who don’t know what an Overproof rum is, it has more than 50% alcohol. It is 60% in this case, which is a bit scary for some people. I kept the drink a bit softer and used spiced rum instead, which works wonders. If you want the real Jamaican deal,…