spicy kale chips


Make your own healthy and crispy Kale Chips with a touch of spicy Espelette pepper for a light snack. These are a great alternatives to chips or popcorn while watching TV! They taste fantastic, got the same crunch as chips and are 100 times healthier. Also easy to adapt to your taste and make them with a nice sea salt and lime, BBQ seasonning, curry powder or even truffle kale chips (check recipe here) but for now we’ll do them with a favorite of mine Espelette pepper. Espelette, France Last summer I’ve been to the Basque Country, on the Spanish side and the French one which strangely differ quite a bit. We went in September to visit the Espelette small village and got pleasantly surprise upon our arrival to see all those old houses drying out lines and lines of Espelette peppers. It’s really a fantastic feeling to walk…