A traditional Camembert-based cheese spread Bavarians served with fresh Brezeln (Pretzel) called Obatzda. This german cheese spread is the perfect sidekick to a lovely Oktoberfest party! Prost! Obatzda is this creamy orange cheese spread they eat with fresh Brezel (pretzel) in every Bavarian Biergarten. The dip is mainly done with camembert cheese with a touch of butter, “quark” or cottage cheese. The orange colour is due to sweet paprika powder. You can have your Obatzda “Bavarian style” which is with a few extra caraway seeds and a touch of beer in it. I’ve seen so many variations of this spread; from horseradish, garlic, chives, and cloves to Romadur cheese. My own personal favourite and the one in this recipe is the traditional Obatzda with Quark (fresh cheese) and caraway seeds. If you live in a part of the world where the ingredient ‘Quark’ isn’t a “thing” you can substitute it…