Asparagus are the spring vegetable by excellence, although with globalization it became an all year long available veggie. A favorite of many, like myself, this long green vegetable is simply irresistible. This soup is an onctuous one, as long as you don’t add too much broth, or water to it. There is absolutely not thickeners; no potatoes, no eggs, no starch, it’s simply plenty of asparagus. I’ve used a chicken broth with it, but it could simply be water or vegetable broth and it would be still as delicious.  I like to play with texture when I create a dish, so for this one I had a touch of slightly cooked and crunchy cured ham to accompany. I’ve used it timidly and it’s totally optional of course, but the slightly cooked cured ham with this soup is adding a whole new texture and welcomes salthy bite to the smooth green soup. A green soup…