An extra vivid Green Asparagus Soup to start spring on the right foot. A simple soup made of asparagus, cream, broth, leeks and a topping of crunchy cured ham. Asparagus is the spring vegetable by excellence, although it became an all-year-long available veggie with globalization. A favourite of many, this long vegetable comes in many colours and forms, whether green, white or even purple. These veggies are simply irresistible. The white ones were collected before they could even reach the sun. The most common one, the green, is enjoyable in millions of ways, whether grilled, boiled or fried. In this case, in a Green Asparagus Soup! No Thickeners This soup is unctuous, as long as you don’t add too much broth or water. There are no thickeners, potatoes, eggs, or added starch; it’s simply plenty of asparagus. I’ve used chicken broth with it, but it could simply be water or vegetable broth.…