Who is tired of the same old pizza topping? It seems like no more innovation is done with them, so here is one. Since it’s spring… let’s do something with a seasonal vegetable; the asparagus.  Who doesn’t love asparagus? They are to me the pinnacle of veggies. Mother nature engineered those delicate long tasty shoots to perfection. Strangely, white asparagus, which is asparagus pick up before they reach out from the soil (no photosynthesis), motto is, “the thicker, the better” while for the green asparagus, it’s the opposite; “the thinner, the better”.  This spring veggie comes from so far back, it was pictured as an offering back in to 3000 BC by the Egyptians. Germans like their asparagus white, the French grow purple ones and for the rest of the world it’s the usual green shoots. Asparagus is a well known diuretic and is one of those studied mysterious vegetable for its … peculiar aroma when passing…