Crunchy Coconut Chicken Noodles features a velvety coconut sauce infused with zesty lime and a hint of Thai pepper, served over egg noodles alongside shaved carrots, bell peppers, tender chicken, and fresh cilantro, all garnished with a delightful crunchy pistachio topping. Crunchy Coconut Chicken Noodles is highly influenced by Thai cuisine. There are many typical elements, like lemongrass and coconut milk, but no ginger or strong curry. No peanut butter, *Satay, or hoisin sauce either. I really wanted to highlight the coconut flavour, often overpowered by other sauces or ingredients. I also wanted to counterbalance all that coconut sweetness with freshness and no better ingredients than lime and lemongrass! Pistachio Yum I love pistachios! I would put them in every dish if I could! And though I needed some crunch texture to make this Coconut Chicken Noodles dish whole, I’ve used fancy pistachios instead of the obvious peanuts! A pure…