sweet and spicy


Wasabi pumpkin purée has this surprisingly addictive combo of sweet and spicy. Great side dish to impress the guests and do something more dynamic than mashed potatoes. Wasabi pumpkin purée is almost too simple to write down. The idea of mixing both together might sound odd to some… I was one of those sceptic at first. But if you dare, try it out! You’ll fall hard and probably want to make all your loved ones try ASAP. Yes, this kind of recipe! Technique The technique is quite similar to mashed potatoes, except for roasting the pumpkin before mashing them up with the usual milk, butter, wasabi, salt and pepper. This way, it brings in this caramelized touch that nobody can resist. The Perfect Balance If you are like me, finding that pumpkin, butternut squash or sweet potatoes are too sweet, I highly recommend adding some spice to it, whether it’s ginger,…