Tamarind Iced Tea or juice is the new lemonade to quench your thirst this summer! It is served with extra lime, cilantro and many ice cubes to make it chilled! Homemade Tamarind iced tea is the drink to quench your thirst this summer. The hardest part of the recipe is to figure out a place where to buy those brown beans that look like fruits. Then it’s soaking them and squeezing the pulp to make this fantastic iced tea. Tamarindo has a particularly sour taste, just like lemon or lime. And just like them, tamarind needs some sugar to balance its acidity resulting in this famous ‘sweet and sour’ dynamic duo we all love. Where is Tamarind From? The tree comes from Africa, although now it grows everywhere from Asia to South America. Meaning this fruit is popular in those continents as well. In Mexico, they call this drink ‘Agua de Tamarindo’,…