Want a Bada-Boom presentation for your next dinner party? This whole roasted Cauliflower Tandoori is a great way to go; plus, it’s healthy, easy and mildly spicy; who could resist? Tandoori marinade is one of the softest on the heat level Indian sauces but still super aromatic. Cauliflower Tandoori works wonders with it, and this presentation would suit an Indian-style BBQ perfectly; you could cut slices of it and make it grill slightly on the grill! Tandoori Marinade/Paste I know… Tandoori means the Tandoor oven they cook with; in India, it’s not an actual sauce… But in our globalized world and adjusting India’s spice level to the Westerners’ fragile tongues, the “tandoori” marinade is the solution. Tandoori marinade comes in a paste, sold worldwide, and it’s a great way to experiment with Indian food at home. Plus, it gives a nice red colour to food. You could also make it yourself with…