Tuna, Avocado Tartare is an elegant, fresh and colourful tartare made of lightly spiced tuna, cilantro-lime marinated avocado and juicy watermelon for a fresh bite! It’s hot, I don’t know for you but here in Spain, it’s just terribly hot outside this summer. No way I’m going to cook anything on the stove for a while… I need freshness, I need light, I need easy-breezy, so no better recipe for hot summer nights than a this tuna, avocado tartare, right? Better safe than sorry Tartare, whether it’s beef, salmon or tuna, are so easy to make and frankly super delicious BUT being made with raw meat/fish you need to extra careful with its manipulation and the quality of the product. Here are my tartare’s golden rules: Ask your favorite Fishmonger if he does have a sashimi grade fish, they usually cost a tad more but well worth it! Come prepared…