I know… I know… It’s wasabi and it’s too strong you would say… But the truth is: nah! Just need to balance the wasabi vinaigrette with some vinegar and honey and you’ll be surprised by the result. Sure, it’s gonna be a bit spicy, especially if you add the wasabi crunch on the sides of your tuna, but it’s not too strong, believe me. I use to dislike wasabi, strangely I’ve changed. I remember the recipe that made me switch from dislike to loving it. It was not even an asian dish, like sushis, but a recipe from an Australian chef, that made a “sweet mashed potato” with wasabi! Sometimes, it just takes a different take on a disliked product to start loving it… Although… sometimes it never comes. Or an other example; goat cheese. Most people dislike goat cheese at first, but then they try it in a bruschetta and then add some more…