Mediterranean Chicken Fajitas combine elements from two culinary traditions, blending the Tex-Mex format with the rich Mediterranean flavours of thyme, garlic, and olive oil. This dish offers a delightful, effortlessly light dinner option! Let’s begin by discussing the toppings. In this guacamole variation, we follow a recipe similar to the original but with a twist: we use flat-leaf parsley instead of cilantro. For me, the Mediterranean essence involves olive oil, garlic, thyme, and parsley, which is also reflected in the Pico de Gallo, incorporating all four ingredients. These Mediterranean Chicken Fajitas offer a health-conscious, gentler, and unique approach to enjoying those delightful wraps! The Filling The filling is a typical chicken fillet, bell pepper and onion. First, I sauteed the chicken in a wok with olive oil, garlic and thyme. Then, I finished it up with the veggies! Overall, this dish has milder and simpler aromatics than usual fajitas, which makes them favourable…