Peanut-coco Vegetarian Wok is a well known recipe, also so simple and fast to make, a great made under 20 minutes dish. It’s one of those few really fulfilling vegetarian dish, plus it’s filled with healthy veggies. The kids won’t feel they are eating a bunch of vegetables, since the creamy peanut-coco sauce will distract them from it. I, personally, have done this dish many time with chicken, but I’m trying to cut on the meat for the sake of my planet, and done my recipe with a curry-mango flavored tofu instead. To my own surprise, the tofu, which I’m still learning to love, gave the dish a new dimension, a better one even than the boring chicken pieces. I’ve bought a pre marinaded tofu piece, which turned out to be a big success for my relation with tofu and gave this dish a whole new fruity and healthy dimension. Carbon steel Woks I love…