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Cabbage rolls in tomato sauce

Cabbage rolls in tomato sauce is a carnivore’s favorite, a lightly¬†spiced ground beef/pork filling with garlic, onion, and rice topped with a tomato sauce. It’s a comforting dish before winter comes our way (for northern hemisphere guys). It a popular dish throughout Central-East Europe up to Asian. Although they have many different variations from place… Continue reading Cabbage rolls in tomato sauce

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Zucchinis filled with Tomato Sauce

A nicely roasted round zucchini filled with a homemade Tomato Sauce topped with a smooth Bechamel served on pasta to have a different twist to a simple pasta dish. When it’s season again for those nice little round zucchinis/courgette, I’m the first one in line to buy them! They are fantastic, you just fill them… Continue reading Zucchinis filled with Tomato Sauce