tortilla de patata


Living in Spain, one must know how to make a tortilla. Personally, I think they usually miss some color those traditional ones… so I’ve made a tortilla with purple potatoes instead of the usual white ones. They taste actually pretty much the same, it just nicer to look at and since I eat with my eyes too… also I must say it’s an hybrid of traditional and healthier version, since I don’t fry the potatoes first, they were pre cooked leftover from the fridge. Important note: do not use recently boiled potatoes to make a tortilla, they will lose water, ending in a massacre. Tortilla de patata is one of the most popular dishes from Spain. It is served at any time of the day, as a meal or a simple tapa. The only variation is with or without oignons and not too cooked and well cooked. There are 2…