This authentic Sangria Española without added sugar contains some apple, peach and orange pieces, plus a little fizz, in the end, to make it extra festive! The word Sangria comes from the word “Sangre” which means blood, therefore a traditional sangria should be the colour of blood. Nowadays, there are tons of different variations of sangria out there, some made with white wine others sparkling wines and all kinds of fruits. However, the original version, the traditional Sangria Española, is and will always be the ultimate summer star! Sangria’s Origin Sangria’s origin is not clear, some say it was a way to upgrade the lowest grad wines from Southern Spain by adding fruits (sugars) which would help balance the sharpness. Others say, it was an invention of British sailors, bringing along with them some Spanish wine to the Caribbeans and mixing it up with rum and fruits. Truth be told,…