An healthy alternative to chips,  you’ll get hooked on those crispy Truffle kale chips. The recipe is a no brainer, wash, season and simply dehydrate kale leaves until dry. If you are looking for a healthy snack, this is a great one. A great alternative to chips while watching a movie. The trick here is to get a good fresh truffle olive oil and some truffle salt, a touch of pepper and mix well. Once dehydrated, the kale chips can be preserve for quite a long time, you can eat them by themselves or to give some crunch to a salad or even an omelette. In other word, always a nice thing to keep around in the kitchen. If you are more of a spicy lover,  then check out my other recipe of Spicy Espelette Kale Chips recipe. Health benefits Kale has a whole lot of iron in it and many other vitamins,…