So here is a classic! A silky, yummy tzatziki sauce. This is a must in a fridge, simply because it goes so well with so much and it’s way healthier than a fatty mayonnaise or salty mustard. I especially love it with my falafels (recipe here). So let’s talk tzatziki! My version differs from most tzatziki sauce, simply because I put a squeeze of lemon in it and sometimes add some dried cilantro, flat leaf parsley, oregano or dill to it. The spice is totally up to you though… depending on what you intend to eat it with… for example, in this case I was using it for falafels wraps, so I chose dry cilantro because it fits with the fresh mint from the falafels. Yogurt Let’s talk about the health benefits of yogurt for a moment… This white, velvety cream does not only contain probiotics, which are good for your bloated stomach or dia…a ……