Coco and Lemongrass Vermicelli Shrimp Bowl is a light, cold and easy dish for the summertime, filled with a rainbow of crunchy veggies and coco-lemongrass shrimp on a small bed of vermicelli rice noodles. This Vermicelli Shrimp Bowl is the perfect quick recipe for the summer! Stirfrying the shrimp in the wok takes just a minute or two; the noodles need a soak and a quick boil, and the rest is all raw veggies that simply need to be cut. Fresh, crunchy, and filled with colours and nutrients. This shrimp bowl is like a small jump into the tropics! A Quick Heat The main idea here is to make a protein, whether shrimp, chicken or tofu and sauté it rapidly in oil and lemongrass, then let it simmer for an extra minute in coconut milk for an ultra-rapid and ultra-aromatic bite! The rest (veggies) are up to you; take your…