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Banh Mi Rolls

Banh Mi Rolls is a similar to spring rolls, but with all the goodies from the famous vietnamese sandwich Banh Mi. As many knows, the Banh Mi  Sandwich (check my recipe) was brought by the French into Vietnam during their occupancy during the Indochina time. I’m myself a big fan of those precious sandwich, but this… Continue reading Banh Mi Rolls

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Pho Bo inspired soup with spinach and shiitake

Pho Bo soups are such a delicious, delicate and unique dish already, but adding a few extras like spinach and shiitakes makes it a touch more special. The usual traditional pho bo soup contains a few pieces of long cooked meat in it, but here I’ve simply used bones to make the broth and no… Continue reading Pho Bo inspired soup with spinach and shiitake

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Vietnamese lemongrass chicken rice noodles

Vietnamese lemongrass chicken rice noodles is a great dish to make with you Banh Mi leftovers. I’ve simply add all my Banh Mi recipe on top of glass noodles with an extra sesame oil and lime and there you have a whole new tasty Vietnamese dish for this summer. The only missing element are the… Continue reading Vietnamese lemongrass chicken rice noodles


Banh Mi with Lemongrass Chicken

Banh Mi with Lemongrass Chicken is another one of those highlights from Vietnam. The sandwich got created back in Indochine, when the French were occupying Vietnam. That’s why it’s a baguette bread, although all the rest is Vietnamese flavors. I remember my first bite into a Banh Mi, it was in my college years back in… Continue reading Banh Mi with Lemongrass Chicken

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Pho Bo (Vietnamese soup)

Vietnam has some of the best gastronomic treasures on this earth, if you ask around which soup would be the most popular worldwide… I think the Pho soup would surely be in the top 5. The traditional Pho  (vietnamese soup) is Pho Bo, the last 2 letters standing for Beef or there is also the… Continue reading Pho Bo (Vietnamese soup)