Omg! those are sooo pretty, but they taste pretty much the same as normal white potato chips, with perhaps an extra nuttiness to it… It’s actually a variety of potato called “Vitelotte” originally from Peru. I did some research and apparently the purple potato is an excellent antioxidant, helps lower blood pressure and has that same famous compound also found in blueberries and pomegranates, anthocyanin. A cancer killer and immunity booster! So jump on those chips! Olive oil Frying with olive oil isn’t unhealthy… that’s a myth. How else would you explain that Spanish people are the 2nd healthiest and longest living population on earth? They are the biggest consumer of olive oil and they love to fry, confit, marinade and just eat it plain with bread with it… it’s everywhere! The most important is not to over heat the olive oil  when frying with it, never over 190C° (375F) for extra-virgin olive oil. But…