Desserts · Snacks

Watermelon, Honey & Pistachio Pops

Watermelon pops covert with an ultra creamy Greek yogurt, some freshly crushed pistachios and a last minute drizzle of orange blossom honey for a tasty and healthy snack this summer! These fun bites are crunchy on the first bite with a nice sweet yet salted taste, crunchy yet creamy texture and the more you eat… Continue reading Watermelon, Honey & Pistachio Pops

Appetizers · Fish & Sea Food

Tuna, Avocado Tartare

A colorful and fresh tartare made of lightly spiced tuna, cilantro-lime marinated avocado dices and juicy watermelon for a fresh start this summer! It’s hot, I don’t know for you but here in Spain it’s just terribly hot outside this summer. No way I’m going to cook anything on the stove for a while… I… Continue reading Tuna, Avocado Tartare


Watermelon punch with iced kiwis

So summer is almost here… we’ll need to rehydrate ourselves with all kinds of delicious juices… This watermelon punch is simply an unavoidable one for this summer, it’s so refreshing and the touch of kiwis spice it up a little. This is a sure popular punch, I mean… who doesn’t like watermelon? If you have some… Continue reading Watermelon punch with iced kiwis