white bean


Quinoa and Bean Salad is a full-filling side dish for any fish or poultry! Its lovely ruby colour comes from balsamic vinegar and beet juice with a nice crunchy red quinoa, red pepper, arugula and aromatics. Quinoa and bean salad is a great summer side dish. It could also be used the next day with some extra crumbled feta on top for lunch or a picnic. This white bean salad is adaptable and great tasting, whether cold or lukewarm. Ensure the arugula and feta lay on top of the salad, if you bring it around, not to deteriorate them. Reinventing the Bean My husband showed me this type of bean salad… See… I have a thing with beans and lentils… the texture bothers me, and this way, when not cooked and soaking in a broth of some kind, I love them! It’s a whole other ingredient when served this way!…