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Chicken fingers St-Hubert Style

Chicken fingers is the kid’s favorite dish, and let’s say… I am an eternal kid… No shame here… Those chicken bits are the perfect comfort food, or home feeling food… Especially with this brown sauce, fries and vinegar coleslaw (recipe), it brings me right back to my childhood, more precisely, the beloved French Canadian “Rotisserie Restaurant”… Continue reading Chicken fingers St-Hubert Style

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Hot Habanero Chicken Wings

Baked hot chicken wings in a homemade habanero-strawberry sauce and a side of blue cheese dip with veggies. Who’s starving for some hot chicken wings? Those chicken wings are medium-hot wings with a fruity touch, the strawberry and honey glazed helps to calm down all that habanero heat. Plus, on the side another tongue soothing element… Continue reading Hot Habanero Chicken Wings