Watermelon pops covert with an ultra creamy Greek yogurt, some freshly crushed pistachios and a last minute drizzle of orange blossom honey for a tasty and healthy snack this summer!watermelon popsicles

Watermelon Pistachio pops

These fun bites are crunchy on the first bite with a nice sweet yet salted taste, crunchy yet creamy texture and the more you eat it, the more it gets fruity and refreshing. Plus, there is no melting like with normal popsicles, so the little ones won’t mess up the floor with this popsicle version.

Watermelon Pistachio pops
The watermelon effect

Watermelons are enormous… generally you would want to use it before it gets bad without having to leave it for days in the fridge and monopolize all that precious space. Making a punch with it is a common solution or maybe next time try these popsicles. The famous pink fruit contains about 90% of water, making it a perfect candidate for the freezer. Of course, you’ll lose a tad of the sweetness, so better use a ripe watermelon to make the popsicles. I’ve left the watermelon rind, for esthetic reasons, but you could cut it off before freezing the pops. Another suggestion would be to pick up a seedless watermelon for… well… I believe no explanation necessary here.

Watermelon Pistachio pops
Let’s talk honey, honey!

There is a whole world of different flowers out there, different nectars, resulting in different honeys. Some more popular than others like multi flowers mix, the thyme, rosemary or lavender. Although one of my favorites is the spectacular one called Flor de Azahar, or orange blossom, which it simply beautifully perfumed, clear and really you can feel the orange and the sun in there. I’ve used this one for this recipe which I highly recommend but really it’s up to you! I’ve added the drizzle of honey once the pops are frozen, just before serving. It will freeze on the popsicles beautifully without making a mess and giving this extra fun texture to the popsicles!

Let’s make some tasty brain freezes going!

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Watermelon Pistachio Pops

Makes 6 pops | Difficulty: easy | Preparation: 1 hour

  • ripe watermelon (6 pieces cut into small triangles)
  • 150g (1 small cup) of natural or vanilla greek yogurt (0% fat or full)
  • crushed pistachio to taste
  • orange blossom honey to taste
  1. Cut the watermelon into small triangles (with or without the rind)
  2. Cut an opening with a sharp end knife (puntilla) in the end of each piece and insert a wooden stick
  3. Cover with the help of a spoon the top with some yogurt, add the crushed pistachio
  4. Add to a deep plate covered with wax paper, cover and freeze for a minimum of 1 hour
  5. When ready to consume, drizzle some honey on the popsicles.



watermelon popsicles

Banana Yogurt Bread with a few blueberries is an ultra moist and fluffy banana bread with a succulent crust nobody can resist.Banana Bread Blueberries oat

Banana Blueberry yogurt Bread

Banana bread is a quite popular dish up in North America, although in Europe, not so much. It reminds me of home each time I make some. It’s the ultimate recipe for when you have a bunch of overripe bananas, that you wouldn’t dare to eat. But for this recipe, the older and darker the banana looks the better! Yes, even turned to dark brown, that’s where the magic of a good banana bread lies.

The yogurt factor

Since I’ve discovered how to make naan bread, this Indian soft flat bread, I put yogurt in many of my doughs. I think yogurt helps to activate the yeast of any bread and make an ultra tasty and moist bread. So why not try it out with a already “moist” banana bread to make it ultra moist and fluffy! This way you’ll get all the flavors and moist you need without all the fat from the butter or oil. A healthier banana bread!

The crust factor

oat yogurt banana bread with blueberries

Some of you know the Maillard reaction already, it’s the brown layer created when you sear meat for example to give it an extra kick in flavor! Well bread also have a “Maillard reaction” for its crust, to make it ultra tasty. A great way to achieve a top notch crust at home for any type of bread is to add cold water to a rack at the same time you add the bread in the oven. This way the water will steam in the first few minutes and help this succulent crust to develop by helping the dough first expend fully before getting this brown and crisp crust.

Banana Blueberry yogurt Bread

As for the final touch, just insert a toothpick to see if the bread is cooked through and do not forget the pinch of salt in the dough. Every baker will say that salt is as important to a sweet dish than the actual sugar. It might seem like an insignificant step but believe me, it’s a BIG one!

So let’s give those sad looking bananas a second life !


Banana, Blueberries and Yogurt Bread

Bread Mold of 16cm x 9cm (6″ x 3.5″) | Preparation: 50 minutes | Difficulty: easy

  • Banana Blueberry yogurt Bread3 overripe bananas
  • 100g (1 small yogurt cup) of natural yogurt
  • 150g (3/4 cup) of packed brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 200g (1 1/2 cup) of flour
  • 90g (1 cup) rolled oat
  • 2 tbsp of dried or fresh blueberries
  • 1 tbsp of baking powder
  • 1 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon
  • salt
  1. Mix all the dry ingredients except the salt in a big bowl
  2. With the help of a fork, mash the banana in a bowl
  3. Mix all the left wet ingredients in the banana bowl and mix good
  4. Add the wet mixture in a well in the center of the dry mix and whisk small circles until all the mix is homogeneous.
  5. Add the pinch of salt
  6. Add the mixture to a greased rectangle mold (if metallic) and over a metal tray with a bottom of cold water in. (the cooler the better)
  7. Cook in the oven at 180°C (350F) for about 45-50 minutes (check with a toothpick)
  8. When done, let the bread rest for 10 minutes in its mold, take out, and rest another 5 minutes before jumping in.



Banana Blueberry yogurt Bread

Fig and goat cheese popsicles

Looking for a different way to cool down this summer? Try those exquisitely smooth fig, honey and goat cheese popsicles. So easy to make, and different. I love to mix salty and sweet together, and popsicles seem to be always just on the sweet side, so why not make it a touch more interesting with goat cheese? The result is simply heavenly, creamy and a touch of crunch if you add some almonds. I’ve done it 2 ways, one way is in a normal popsicle mold and the other is simply a fig rolled into the same yogurt, goat cheese mixture topped with some almond. They both work great, and the goat cheese isn’t too powerful, just add a touch of it, no need to taste the whole cheese here, we just want to compliment the figs with it.popsiclepin

The frozen fig popsicle (version 1)

The first version I did was the figs rolled right into the yogurt mix, it’s an idea I’ve got on the spot. Start by inserting a popsicle stick into the long end of the fig and then jump right in the goat cheese, yogurt mixture, add a little almond on top and voila! I’ve then added them to a small metal support, which was quite small, if you have a bigger one, than the bottom of the figs would built a kind off foot with the yogurt on the bottom and hold perfectly straight, which is great for the end presentation. Also it’s great to cover them all with the mixture, but I could also have left a little purple from top of the fig to show better what’s hidden under there. I guess there is millions of way of doing it, it’s all up to you. The result is a quite fruity, healthy bite! *Check below for the yogurt mixture recipe.

The fig popsicle (version 2)

This second version is the standard one, except I do have those special molds to freeze popsicles horizontally, which is perfect to hold the fruit on the side of the popsicle, resulting to showcase the fruit clearly on the side of the popsicle. But this work in any mold, the result of this version is a way creamier and smooth one then the previous version. Here, you’ll get to taste the goat cheese slightly better, although it’s really a secondary flavour in this recipe. I like this trend of showing the fruit whole into the popsicle, not only does it look better, but it makes every bites into the popsicle a bit different.

So let’s refresh ourselves from those hot summer days!

Fig, honey and goat cheese popsicles

Makes 2 covered figs + 2 popsicles 

figs and goat cheese popsicleIngredients
  • Figs (for the popsicles 1 for 2)
  • 150g (small cup) of plain yogurt 
  • 2 tbsp of honey or maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp of fresh goat cheese
  • almond, finely chopped *optional
  1. Mix the yogurt, honey and goat cheese
  2. Check the above instructions for version 1 and version 2

Enjoy on a hot summer day!

Fig and goat cheese popsicles

Strawberry and orange frozen yogurt

This is a “non recipe” recipe… Let’s just say a healthy snack… also, it doesn’t need much preparation. I’ve simply used my “almost too old” leftovers of oranges and strawberries, add yogurt and there you have a nice frozen summer bite. I didn’t even bother cutting the strawberry, just put the stick through it. Just have to use your own fruits leftovers, mix it up with natural yogurt and freeze… so simple! I didn’t even add any kind of sugar, the orange juice was full of it.

Strawberry and orange frozen yogurtAs a kid, I remember going to the seasonal ice cream shop and I would always take the frozen yogurt with frozen fruits in it… I remember the machine was shaking soooo hard every time, and being so loud! It was giving “it’s all”… and eventually, would end up broken for half the summer…every precious summer… which was only 3-4 month in Quebec. So, I guess, I have that psychological lack of it… now I always keep some in the freezer for a quick snack. Also, it helps to keep your leftovers of fruits alive. If you wish to, you can add some sugar to it, then it gets a “dessert” title.

So here is the “non recipe” snack recipe.

Fruity yogurt bites

(strawberry, freshly pressed orange juice version)

Makes 3 portions

  • 125g (small cup) of natural yogurt
  • 3 strawberries
  • 4 tbsp of orange juice
  • *optional  1 tbsp sugar
  1. Simply add the strawberries to a small molds
  2. Add the orange juice to the molds
  3. Add the yogurt to the molds
  4. Freeze it up and voilà!

Can change the fruits mix to your needs. Enjoy on a warm day!


So here is a classic! A silky, yummy tzatziki sauce.

This is a must in a fridge, simply because it goes so well with so much and it’s way healthier than a fatty mayonnaise or salty mustard. I especially love it with my falafels (recipe here). So let’s talk tzatziki!

My version differs from most tzatziki sauce, simply because I put a squeeze of lemon in it and sometimes add some dried cilantro, flat leaf parsley, oregano or dill to it. The spice is totally up to you though… depending on what you intend to eat it with… for example, in this case I was using it for falafels wraps, so I chose dry cilantro because it fits with the fresh mint from the falafels.



Let’s talk about the health benefits of yogurt for a moment… This white, velvety cream does not only contain probiotics, which are good for your bloated stomach or dia…a … but  it’s also a great natural exfoliation mask because of it’s lactic acid. Just mix it with a few drops of olive oil and a spoon of honey. Rub it on you face, et voilà! It will exfoliate your face, eliminate those red patches and reduce the small wrinkles.

If you are on a diet, tzatziki is the way to go, it’s filled in flavors and creamy and low in fat if you choose a 0% fat yogurt. The greek yogurt is thicker than normal yogurt and will give your tzatziki a much better consistency.

Let’s make this Tzatziki!


Tzatziki a la Maria-Pia

  • 1 small cup of your favorite yogurt (fat or light, greek or not)
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1/2 a peeled cucumber
  • 1 tsp of olive oil
  • lemon
  • 1 tsp dry coriander, dill, parlsey or else
  • the famous salt and pepper
  1. In a morter add the olive oil and garlic and make purée with it
  2. Blend the cucumber in a blender
  3. Let the cucumber in a sieve with salt and leave it to drain about 5-10 minutes or if in a hurry push down on it with a spoon to release the juice (keep the juice for some sparkling water and lemon drink with it)
  4. Add the cucumber pulp and the garlic purée to the yogurt and add a splash of lemon, pepper, salt and the aromatic herb of your choice (or nothing at all).
  5. Refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour before serving


Trick: If you want to get rid of the fresh garlic smell on your hands, just rub them on a metal surface, like the sink.


Roasted rosemary and thyme potatoes with tzatziki parsley dip