Avocado Zucchini Pasta is a great gluten-free alternative to pasta. Zoodles, some say, are simply zucchini grated on its length and served with an unctuous avocado pesto dressing and extra-dried tomatoes. Avocado Zucchini Pasta are the new pasta (well…actually, non-pasta) in town. I see them everywhere; for guys who didn’t catch the “zoodle” vibe, it’s zucchini noodles. No gluten or wheat is in them, making them an excellent meal for fitting in our bikinis this summer or a low-carb diet. This was my first attempt to do those famous”zoodles,” no need to buy those big spiralizer machines to make them; I simply use a cheese grater, and it does the trick. It’s an easy, fast, healthy recipe but also creamy and tasty; the avocado pesto makes the dish stand out. Zoodlelizer or Not? Most zoodles recipes out there use a spiralizer machine, which is expensive and quite bulky; I’ve just used…