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Zucchini Relish

A “must have” for every fridge, an irresistible zucchini relish which accompany meats, hot dogs, cheeses and much more to perfection.  Zucchini Relish is so simple to make and quite frankly it’s a “must” to accompany any type of meat dishes, burgers, cheeses or hot dogs! Where I grew up, Quebec, the French speaking province… Continue reading Zucchini Relish

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Vegetarian Paella

This vegetarian paella is filled with mediterranean vegetables; zucchinis, onion, garlic, bell pepper and the famous smokey paprika from Spain (pimentón de la Vera). Paella is a great dish, you can make it with whatever you feel like, the base though usually stays the same, the sofrito, which is fried onion in olive oil and garlic and the pulp… Continue reading Vegetarian Paella

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Zucchini vegballs pasta

Zucchini vegballs pasta is a great vegetarian version of the famous meatballs spag, even fills you up as much as the meat version. The zucchini balls are made in the oven, so extra healthy, barely any oil used for an ultra healthy vegetarian dish. I saw this recipe in many places online, most of them… Continue reading Zucchini vegballs pasta

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Cured ham chicken rolls with mediterranean veggies

Cured ham and sage chicken rolls with mediterranean veggies like zucchinis, yellow pepper, tomatoes, onion, garlic, rosemary and thyme casserole is a light, packed with flavor, easy meal. I know… it’s a long… long… title for such a simple dish. A beloved “under 30 minutes meal” recipe, and filled with mediterranean flavors, who can resist that?… Continue reading Cured ham chicken rolls with mediterranean veggies

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Carpaccio de Zucchini

This recipe I’ve encountered in a Catalan village, so simple but highly surprising. We don’t get to see zucchinis uncooked… but it’s actually a pretty good raw veggie. There is a nice crunch to it and it’s got a soft taste that allows the extra-virgin olive oil to shine. Such a beautiful and simple appetizer,… Continue reading Carpaccio de Zucchini

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Zucchinis filled with Tomato Sauce

A nicely roasted round zucchini filled with a homemade Tomato Sauce topped with a smooth Bechamel served on pasta to have a different twist to a simple pasta dish. When it’s season again for those nice little round zucchinis/courgette, I’m the first one in line to buy them! They are fantastic, you just fill them… Continue reading Zucchinis filled with Tomato Sauce