arroz negro


Arroz negro or Black Paella is a popular rice dish on the Mediterranean coast of Spain made of cuttlefish, its ink, white wine, onions and bomba rice. A famous Spanish dish is called “Arroz negro” made with the fresh ink of cuttlefish. I don’t know why they call it “black rice” instead of “black paella” since it’s done exactly like paella. Usually served with an Aïoli sauce (garlicky mayonnaise). Nonetheless, this dark paella is my personal favourite of them all! Get over it! I know it can be challenging for some, even for me at first, the colour and the fact that you eat ink… but if you are courageous enough to take the first bite. Oh my! You will discover another dimension! The ink actually is a mouthful of sea aromas, saline, it’s really a flavour of its own. But if you want to be submerged in that meal… you’ll have to be brave enough…