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Valentino Salad

Valentino Salad is a perfect starter for a romantic dinner, it’s a light earthy salad with roasted beets, strawberries, roquefort, sunflower seeds and arugula topped with an aged balsamic vinegar. If there is something I like about blogging recipes is to choose a name for my recipes. This one was a no brainer… just a… Continue reading Valentino Salad

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Persimmon, Goat cheese and Duck prosciutto Salad

Persimmon, Goat cheese, Walnut and Duck prosciutto Salad is a great fall appetizer, just in time for the Persimmon season. Those fruits are quite similar to tomato in looks, although firmer and drier, you can eat then raw, with or without the skin, dried or cooked. They are both, tomato and persimmon, considered a “berry”… Continue reading Persimmon, Goat cheese and Duck prosciutto Salad

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4 elements salad rule

The 4 elements salad, as the title say; is a general rule to my salads; the dressing and it’s conception have the 4 elements, which is in my opinion makes the ultimate salads. The rule for the salad itself is; a nutty touch, a juicy touch, a colorful touch and, the last but not the least, a salty creamy smooth touch.… Continue reading 4 elements salad rule

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Asian flavored Salad

When you plan a nice light asian meal, this is a perfect appetizer to it. A salad with crunchy bean sprouts, basil, red onions, and a nice honey sesame dressing. As I said in a few post already, salads are just so fun to create. They tell the story of the meal to come, often… Continue reading Asian flavored Salad

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Figs and Goat cheese salad

This salad will make you want to forget all those other salads before this one. A simple combination that makes fireworks. Like in the Ratatouille movie, when the rat melt cheese on the mushroom with the help of a lightning bolt… Some ingredients are just much better coupled and this is a good example. A melted goat… Continue reading Figs and Goat cheese salad

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Beetroot, apricot and goat cheese Salad

Beetroot and apricot salad topped with fresh goat cheese and pistachios. The earthy beetroot is the perfect companion to the perfumed and sweet apricot, the goat cheese bring the salt element to the dish and the pistachios the crunch. In other word… a perfectly balanced and delicious salad. My mom showed me that recipe, the original… Continue reading Beetroot, apricot and goat cheese Salad

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This Gazpacho or Traditional Spanish Cold Soup is filled with fresh and succulent veggies to cool you down on a hot summer day. Gazpacho is a salad turned into a cold soup. This traditional Spanish dish is perfect to cool down on a hot summer day. The ingredients are ripe tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, little onion, extra-virgin… Continue reading Gazpacho

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Caesar Salad with Chicken and Caperberries

Caesar Salad with Chicken and Caperberries is an healthier version from the traditional one. It doesn’t contain as much sauce, nor too much olive oil. Also, I’ve cut on the bacon bits, back in Canada, some people could crucify me for this…sorry. And finally, I took off the anchovies, which I learned while researching for the recipe,… Continue reading Caesar Salad with Chicken and Caperberries

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Apple, cheddar and walnut Salad

I have to confess… I am a salad freak… I love salads, and love to change them all the time. I’ll explain… I never do the same salad twice, I mean by definition a salad is a mix of ingredients, so I always mix it up. Sometimes I simply change a bit the dressing, or… Continue reading Apple, cheddar and walnut Salad

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Vinegar coleslaw is the first salad I’ve ever loved and it’s so healthy, when no mayonnaise is used… There was that restaurant called St-Hubert in my hometown, when ordering, they would always ask you;” coleslaw creamy or traditional?” I would always take the “traditional one” which was more vinaigrette style. Then I’ve met my husband, a… Continue reading Coleslaw