Main Meals · Vegetarian

Vegetarian Paella

This vegetarian paella is filled with mediterranean vegetables; zucchinis, onion, garlic, bell pepper and the famous smokey paprika from Spain (pimentón de la Vera). Paella is a great dish, you can make it with whatever you feel like, the base though usually stays the same, the sofrito, which is fried onion in olive oil and garlic and the pulp… Continue reading Vegetarian Paella

Fish & Sea Food · Main Meals

Seafood Paella

Paella de marisco (seafood paella) is a dish, I’ve studied quite a lot, since I live in Spain. Also, it’s “the meal” every guests that comes visit is looking forward to try… I had to make it quite a few times. The beauty in seafood paella is that you can use whatever “seafood” you prefer, although… Continue reading Seafood Paella

Main Meals

Asparagus, peas and bacon paella

Asparagus, peas and bacon paella isn’t quite a classic paella. Although originally, paellas were a rice with all the ingredients from under the nose of those making it on the rice fields would use; like mini eels, snails, rabbit, etc. So I do exactly the same, I add a few leftovers of bacon bits to… Continue reading Asparagus, peas and bacon paella

Fish & Sea Food · Main Meals

Black Paella with Mini Squids and Shrimps

A famous dish in Spain, is the famous “arroz negro” made with the fresh ink of cuttlefish. I don’t know why they call it “black rice” instead of “black paella” since it’s done exactly like a paella and it usually comes in the paella pan… Nonetheless, this dark paella is my personal favorite of them all! I know it can… Continue reading Black Paella with Mini Squids and Shrimps

Main Meals

Shiitake and Spinach Risolla

A new hybrid recipe here: the “Risolla”… a mix between a risotto and a paella; Italy vs Spain. It’s a bit of both techniques, the light frying of the rice at first just like in the risotto and paella, then adding the broth and let sit with the spinach on top so they shrink down… Continue reading Shiitake and Spinach Risolla

Main Meals · Meat & Poultry

Chorizo paella

Spain: land of paella, land of chorizo and land of good olive oil… this meal brings you there! If you can get to a good butcher, you should be able to find those paprika flavored fresh sausages, and if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find an export from Spain. Chorizo in Spain varies: some are dried, others are fresh… Continue reading Chorizo paella