Peas carbonara Zoodles (5).jpgSince Zoodles are the new noodles, why not make some more experiments with them, so far we did an avocado pesto with it, and today it’s the carbonara sauce that will be tested by the FoodOlic with those healthy zoodles. Those zucchini noodles are great with any creamy sauce, and why not give it a touch of crunch with the bacon bits in it. Carbonara sauce can be done the traditional way, which is without cream, just eggs, bacon, parmesan, pepper and oil or the sinful way which is with cream. Since those zoodles are so healthy and light, let’s make the sauce a touch sinfully delicious should we?carbonarazoodles

Peas carbonara ZoodlesThose days, I’m trying to reduce my carbs intake, which is not easy for a pasta lover like myself. I’ve started experimenting last week with cauliflower and this week the protagonist is the seriously popular zoodles (short for zucchini noodles).I do my zoodles with a simple cheese grater, no need to buy this spiralizer machine. I’ve add some extra peas to the carbonara zoodles to make it extra green and delicious.

So let’s make this peas carbonara zoodles!

Peas carbonara Zoodles

Makes 2 main meal portions or 4 appetizers

  • Peas carbonara Zoodles3 zucchinis
  • 12 french shallots finely chopped
  • 200ml of light cream
  • 150g of smoked bacon strips
  • 100g of frozen peas
  • 1 egg yolk
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  1. Start by making the shallots, cut them finely and add them to a medium sized pan, medium-low heat, with a bit of olive oil and salt until soften (about 10 minutes)
  2. During that time make the zoodles, the way your prefer (spiralizer machine, mandoline or cheese grater) 
  3. Reserve the zoodles in a sieve mixed with some salt to let them loose some water
  4. Cut the bacon into small pieces, add to the shallots and bring the heat to high heat for 3 more minutes
  5. Add the frozen peas, let cook until unfrozen (2 minutes)
  6. Add the cream, a good amount of black pepper and salt to the sauce
  7. Let the cream simmer one second and stop the fire, (cream should not cook), reserve
  8. Bring a pan to high heat, add some olive oil to the pan and the drained zoodles
  9. Sauté them, high heat, for 2 minutes to warm them up
  10. Add the carbonara sauce, mix and cook for an extra minute
  11. Take off the fire and add the yolk, mix and serve
  12. Top the zoodles with a few chives and parmesan


Peas carbonara Zoodles

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